Handwritten dance music notebooks in Scandinavia and beyond

Conference with concerts and workshops
November 21-23, 2017 - Växjö, Sweden


Gorsets Borgere og Bønder (NO)   Thursday, Nov. 23 19:00, Utvandrarnas hus

The famous Norwegian flutist Hans Olav Gorset, with a Ph.D. about the music in Norwegian handwritten music notebooks, comes to the festival with his ensemble Borgere og Bønder – Elizabeth Gaver (violin), Kjell Tore Innervik (folk drum) och Erik Skanke Høsøien (baroque guitar).

Gorsets Borgere og Bønder. Photo: Lars Finborud

Arto Järvelä & Antti Järvelä (FI)   Wednesday, Nov. 22 19:00, Utvandrarnas hus

The Järvelä family has for generations been famous folk musicans in Finland. Arto Järvelä & Antti Järvelä are among the best musicians on the Finnish folk music scene, and they have also explored the old music notebooks.

Antti Järvelä & Arto Järvelä

KMH Folk (S)   Thursday, Nov 23 12:30, Linnéuniversitetet, M-huset

KMH Folk is the folk music ensemble of the Royal College of Music, Stockholm. They will give a concert with notebook melodies that the students have worked with under the supervision of Mikael Marin.

KMH Folk

Lisa Långbacka och Musica Vitae (S)
Tuesday, Nov 21 12:30, Linnéuniversitetet, M-huset

Accordionist and composer Lisa Långbacka has been commissioned to write a composition for the 25th anniversary of Smålands Musikarkiv. Långbacka’s work, with herself playing the solo part together with the chamber orchestra Musica Vitae, will be premiered at the festival. The concert programme will furthermore include the first performances of two other works, written for Långbacka and Musica Vitea by the famous Swedish folk musicians and composers Sven Ahlbäck and Mats Edén.

Lisa Långbacka. Photo: Börje Dahrén
Musica Vitae. Photo: Alexander Mahmoud

MHM Folk (S)   Wednesday, Nov. 22 21:45, Utvandrarnas hus

MHM Folk is the ensemble of the folk and world music students at Malmö Academy of Music. They will give a concert with handwritten notebook melodies, with Mats Edén as their musical leader.

MHM Folk

Musicus (NO)   Tuesday, Nov. 21 20:00, Smålands museum/Orgelsalen

The Musicus project is focused on notebooks from the Røros area in Norway. The ensemble includes the famous fiddlers John Ole Morken and Olav Luksengård Mjelva, together with Anders Löfberg (cello), Hans Fredrik Jakobsen (wind instruments), Trygve Brøske (harpsichord) and Kåre Opheim (percussion).

Musicus. Photo: Tom Gustavsen

Daniel Pettersson & Maria Jonsson (S)
Wednesday, Nov. 22 20:15, Utvandrarnas hus

Prominent folk musicians Daniel Pettersson (nyckelharpa) and Maria Jonsson (viola d’amore) have explored notebooks from the Swedish North. A part from the usual polonaises and waltzes, they have also worked with the many quadrilles in the books.

Daniel Pettersson & Maria Jonsson.
Photo: Frida Sjöström

Rasmus Storm (DK)   Thursday, Nov. 23 20:15, Utvandrarnas hus

The ensemble Rasmus Storm has for over 30 years performed music from Danish notebooks, and the group’s name is borrowed from a famous handwritten music notebook from the 1760s. At the festival Rasmus Storm is Ove Andersen (violin), Michael Sommer (violin, viola, cello),  Bent Melvej (violin) and Jesper Carlsen (double bass).

Rasmus Storm

Silfver trio (S)
Wednesday, Nov. 22 12:30, Linnéuniversitetet, M-huset

Silfver trio is folk musicians Pelle Björnlert (violin) and Johan Hedin (nyckelharpa) together with the Baroque musician Nora Roll (viola da gamba). Björnlert and Hedin are among the most eager explorers of the music in handwritten dance music notebooks in Sweden.

Silfver trio

Anna Öberg (S)   Tuesday, Nov. 21 19:00, IOGT-NTO-huset/Sigfridssalen

The choreographer Anna Öberg has created the work re:movebased on the dance that were used to the music in the old notebooks.

Anna Öberg.
Foto: Petra Eriksson

Anders Löfberg plays the music, and Anton Schneider and Victor Oskarsson are the dancers. Anna Öberg’s re:movewill have its first performace at the festival.

Photo Collages: Petter Furå

Ånon Egeland (NO) & Mikael Marin (S)
Thursday, Nov. 23 22:00, Kafé de Luxe

Fiddler legends Ånon Egeland and Mikael Marin will release their new cd “Sorpesoll” as a bonus concert at the end of the festival. Norwegian harding fiddle, low tuned, and five string viola in a fascinating meeting.