Handwritten dance music notebooks in Scandinavia and beyond

Conference with concerts and workshops
November 21-23, 2017 - Växjö, Sweden


During the conference there will eight workshops and seminars. In four of them, tunes from handwritten dance music notebooks will be taught by Piia Kleemola-Välimäki (Finland), Ånon Egeland (Norway), Maria Jonsson & Daniel Pettersson (Sweden) and the group Rasmus Storm (Denmark). Two workshops are focused on dance, with the dance group Trotto and with Bert Persson, AnnaKarin Karlsson, Christina Frohm, Marianne Skagerlind-Furå & Per Furå. There will also be two discussion seminars: one with Sven Midgren, from the Swedish folk musicans’ national organization, discussing the handwritten notebooks potential in broadening one’s repertoire – bring your instrument! In the other seminar, Åke Persson will talk about and demonstrate digifolk.se, a crowd initiative where one is invited to help to transcribe into ABC notation the Swedish Folk Music Commission’s on-line music collections.